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  1. dontactlikewewerenothing:


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  2. Anonymous asked: Dude the gamecube sucked




  3. princeofhopefulness:


    *tries to talk*

    *gets ignored*

    “you should talk more!”

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  4. snoop dogg enjoys a nice refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day

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  5. lollians:


    I want to talk to you but my face

    I think you just summarized Phantom of the Opera.

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  6. vinebox:

    We all have that one awkward couple at school

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  7. youcantcancelquidditch:

    apparently you can’t be employed by the CIA if you’ve ever illegally downloaded music

    breaking news: in 20 years, the CIA will operate out of the president’s basement, staffed by four old men and six guinea pigs

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  8. celestia:

    once i had a dream that my cat was working at mcdonalds w/ me and she had a lil uniform and she kept getting fur in the fries and everyone was yelling at me and saying “ur cat sucks on fries” and i was like “shes just a cat give her a break!” and i woke up crying

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  9. candyredterezii:

    I fucking LOVE earth day Im going to stick a TREE up my ASS

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  10. gamecuboid:

    I was doing some gaming and my iTunes decided to interrupt me like a little french bitch

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  11. ermathursty:

    saw this tip jar at my Dairy Queen today and lost it at tipiosa

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  12. bootsi:

    I won’t take selfies with other people y’all don’t know my angles

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  13. masturbrightside:

    when will my motivation return from war

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